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Dog Walker Basingstoke
Dog Grooming, Dog Walking and Dog Training Basingstoke & Deane
Dog Grooming, Dog Walking and Dog Training Basingstoke & Deane

A bit about us

During the last 30 years we have always been a multi dog household with dogs ranging from miniature dachshunds to standard poodles all living happily together. 

The Gang

This has given us the hands on experience in dealing with many different types of dog and their various emotional and physical needs.  


Our latest Challenge was a Welsh Collie, Luna was advertised in what sounded like a normal advert, however when we arrived it was evident that all was not as it should have been.  We were led to a wooden shed with no glass in the window on a freezing cold February day, we looked into the shed to see the puppies disappearing at speed into the outside run never to be seen again apart from one who had decided to hide behind the plastic dog bed. The puppy was picked up and handed to us. At this point she promptly wet herself in fear. 

A scared and worried Luna

Everything inside our head was saying walk away but inside our hearts we needed to do our best for this frightened little puppy, against our better judgment we took her home.  


On arriving home we could see just how much needed to be done to give this frightened little puppy a chance of being a normal dog.  She shied away from us for the first week keeping her distance so we just kept dropping treats near her, slowly she became more comfortable in our presence until she would take treats from our hands, unfortunately we still could not touch her without her becoming ridged.


Over the following weeks and months she came to trust us and allowed us to stroke her so long as we didn’t try to pick her up or restrain her.  During all this time Luna never had a problem with the rest of the dogs in the household and with their support plus the love and patience from us she learned to trust the people around her.  


The following 2 years presented many times when it felt Luna would move one step forward only to then fall 3 steps back, but move forward she did.  Luna is now a very affectionate and loving dog that likes nothing more than to cuddle up to her humans on the sofa and will muscle her way to the front to be first to greet us when we enter the house.  


We were incredibly lucky that as nervous as Luna was she was never nervous aggressive.  Now from an outsider looking in Luna looks and acts like most other dogs. Luna would still rather not be touched by a stranger but all she now does is move away and sit by us ignoring whoever she is uncomfortable with, however as long as she is given the time to process things at her pace she will accept the stranger after just 2 or 3 meetings and a few dog treats, they are then invited into her world with a wagging tail.


This has all been achieved with kindness, understanding and patience, and of course a small lorry load of dog treats but we are incredibly proud of how far Luna has come on her journey and is now a very loyal, obedient and above all valued member of our family.

Luna comfortable and relaxed

Professional Dog Walker

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